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What is Change and When is it?

Post Date: 18/02/2020

Our leaving the EU on 31st January 2020 is a significant change!

You may recall the expression: the only constant is change.

That being said, change is never easy. It is, however inevitable, but that does not make it any easier for you to manage that change and disruption.

Change can be unexpected or unwelcome - in either situation, human nature will respond in a negative way by resisting, raising fear and doubts in you!

What can you do?

Accept and know that change will happen, there are constant transitions in your life, your community, your work, and your world.

Whatever the change, whether it is expected or out of the blue, a disappointment or a pleasant surprise, do not spend time and energy trying to avoid change. 

  • Learn to cope with change - this will lower your risk for anxiety and depression
  • Avoid focusing on events over which you have no power or control
  • Always ask yourself "What can I take responsibility for in this situation?"
  • Remind yourself about the changes you successfully navigated in the past and use that learning for this new change
  • Focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses
  • Trust that whatever happens, you can adapt and work through effectively

Now is the time to Act...

Post Date: 04/03/2019

Six honest serving men

Six Honest Serving Men from Rudyard Kipling

  • This is a simple tool to think about and structure a situation to analyse - to arrive at a resolution.
  • They can work for you - consider a move to a Performance Review System?


WHY would you want a performance review system?


WHAT will a performance review system deliver?


WHEN do you need a performance review system in place?


WHERE will a performance review system be delivered to?


WHO will champion a performance review system?


HOW do you engage with your team and employees?


What are your thoughts?


  • To enable all employees to understand and commit to the business goals and strategy of their company and set their goals in a way that supports those of the company
  • To have honest, well designed reviews and constructive discussion to collectively build a successful company for the long term
  • To provide a platform for improving Competencies and Skills for all employees
  • To manage and set expectations from the top

Go fast go alone. Go far go together...

Post Date: 12/11/2018

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"
African Proverb

What does this mean for you?
  • Efficiency thinking?
  • Better on my own?
  • Transform your business?
  • Work in partnership with others?
  • Bring out the best in your employees?
As a leader, you provide clear Vision and Values - which provide the enduring strength and capacity to serve. 

To help your teams stay focused, engaged and enthusiastic about their work, you can make some simple changes to nearly every part of doing business.
  • Demonstrate belief In your employees from day one
  • Be actively engaged in their success
  • Care about their continuing development
  • Commit to simpler and clearer communication
  • They see how their work contributes to the bigger picture
  • Credit your team for the business's success
  • Keep one eye on why you are doing what you are doing

See how we can help you with Dinamiks.

It’s proven and is available here to get you up and running immediately.
Call  us at +44(0)1243 538835 or email

Time to act on your next steps now...

Post Date: 27/09/2018


Does life feel as if it is a continuous, relentless change that you do not appear to be getting anywhere with?

Do you feel that there is so much uncertainty in the business and political arena at the moment?

"You remember - I said I was inspired and motivated by my own personal experiences to create Dinamiks"

What can you do now?

The only constant in life is that it will involve change, and try as you may to control the future, sometimes all you can do is trust that whatever happens, you can adapt and work through effectively.

  • Be inspired and motivated and revist your business goals
  • Focus everyone on the business goals
  • Improve communication through your business
  • Identify where to focus your time
  • Build plans and share with your team

What does that mean?

  • Business goals visible all the time and each person knows how they contribute
  • Employees more engaged and motivated – greater creativity achieved
  • Focus on performance and development targets
  • Raise the levels of competencies of your employees - each has their own development plan
  • Change shared and reflected in individual objectives

See how we can help you with Dinamiks.

It’s proven and is available here to get you up and running immediately.
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Transforming people...

Post Date: 17/09/2018

Transform people into powerhouses


 Inspired and motivated by my own personal experiences when working in structures where staff development was somewhat wanting,

I created the systems we now have at Dinamiks, which I believe are of significant help to people everywhere with their own personal development

and professional empowerment, so that they can have the opportunity to improve their lives and achieve their goals and ambitions.

Simon Barnes

We offer a simple to use online performance management portfolio to record key elements of learning and development that directly connect to people's personal and business aligned objectives.

    Do you really want to have?

  • A higher professional image to your clients
  • Improved relationship between employees and managers
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Increased productivity
  • A better-skilled workforce

That is simple to install, maintain and use?
Then Dinamiks is your toolset to make this happen.   
It’s proven and is available here to get you up and running immediately.
Need help? - Call  us at 07971286984 or email

Have you ever bought features...

Post Date: 09/08/2018

Have you ever bought features..

Have you ever bought that washing machine because it could do many separate washing programmes,
or the car with loads of gadgets, or that phone that could do everything, or a smart fridge?

Yet when you used them you stuck to the simple straightforward features?

We all do it, but why?  When it is likely that it will initially cost more, potentially have more things to go wrong?
Why spend money and resource on additional features that you do not need and will probably never use?
Remember the iPod slogan "1,000 songs in your pocket".

There are many HR products available with a host of different features and the reason is both simple and complex at the same time. 
The simple way to look at it is that, just as is the case with most other products, better or more features encourages potential buyers to spend more.
A more complex way to look at it is that the HR market is not awash with new disruptive technology, there are few new entrants to the market and you can’t really get away from the fact that they are there simply to carry out simple tasks. 
So, adding features and making them sound as if they will somehow enhance or transform your life is a way to get these products to be “desirable”. 
So do you want?

  • A higher professional image to your clients
  • Improved relationship between employees and managers
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Increased productivity
  • A better-skilled workforce

That is simple to install, maintain and use?

Then Dinamiks is your toolset to make this happen.   
It’s proven and is available here to get you up and running immediately.
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Where to next...

Post Date: 03/08/2018

Yet another sporting triumph for the UK - Geraint Thomas, Tour de France Champion.
What a summer of achievements!

You too can get your summer of achievements

Busy schedules, pressing engagements - just never enough time to stop, reflect and consider what you can do to better to harness your employees' natural strengths and focus them on your goals so that the performance of your business will improve.

Go for it now to achieve:

  • A higher professional image to your clients
  • Improved relationship between employees and managers
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Increased productivity
  • A better-skilled workforce

Dinamiks is your toolset to make this happen.  It is simple to install and use as a cloud application – anywhere anytime.
It’s proven and is available here to get you up and running immediately.
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Have you noticed...

Post Date: 27/07/2018

Have you noticed

Have you noticed that as soon as the school term ends and all major sporting events have ended, and that the House of Commons goes into recess, that a greater majority of people escape or plan to escape on holiday - yet businesses continue to operate?

Does your business have sufficient resources to manage the sudden absence of so many people or are you a small business owner and have to forego or delay any chance of a holiday break?

What now?

We all need a holiday break at some point - it helps maintain a happy work-life balance. In fact, a relaxing break can provide the environment to reflect on your business as a whole, instead of focusing on day-to-day problem-solving.

To do all this you have to be able to delegate tasks, trust your team and have processes in place for the running of the business and to handle those snags that always appear when you least expect them to!

The 3 Ps of Project Management come to mind - Presentation, Processing, and Planning.
•    Presentation - keeping everyone focused on the business goals and how each individual's role fits and supports the goals
•    Processing   - having the correct procedures in place and ensure that all employees are skilled and fully trained in their roles
•    Planning       - plan and plan to have employees cross-skilled to manage the gaps to support each other

We can help you and your employees to be prepared and would like to work with you to ensure your goals and objectives are kept in focus at all times.

Dinamiks is your toolset to make this happen.  It is simple to install and use as a cloud application – anywhere anytime.
It’s proven and is available here to get you up and running immediately.
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What an amazing set of sporting achievements

Post Date: 18/07/2018

What an amazing set of sports achievements

What an amazing set of sporting achievements in the last month.

England in a World Cup semi-final
A new Ladies Wimbledon champion - Angelique Kerber
A comeback by Novak Djokovic to win Wimbledon 
Croatia - a nation of 4 million in the World Cup final
France - World Cup Winners. A team built on attention to detail

All made possible by the focused attention of their ongoing development, team working, continuous training and consistent and regular feedback.

What now?

Time to reflect on their journey, what went well and what changes should be looked at to be acted upon as appropriate. There can be no let up on the regime to achieve the next goal - the focus on that goal, the working together as a team, the learning and sharing of feedback.

In the same way that a football team or an individual are all part of a team that works together for a common set of goals - we in business should do the same:

This is how:
•    Motivate staff and get them all pulling together for the good of the business
•    Train or coach staff where training or coaching is required 
•    Set objectives and targets 
•    Measure and analyse the results

 Persist with these steps and the desired outcomes will be reached and surpassed.

We would like to be part of your team to work with you to achieve your outcomes. You can set your goals and objectives for your team to know the direction and what the outcomes are as a measure of success.

Dinamiks is your toolset to make it happen.  It is simple to install and use as a cloud app – anywhere anytime.
It’s proven and is available here to get you up and running immediately.
Need help - call  us at 01243-538835 or email

©Dinamiks July 2018

The Football World Cup...

Post Date: 11/07/2018

The Football World Cup is at a moment of destiny for England and has had an amazing effect of uniting millions in the UK and abroad.
A moment to achieve a sporting accolade and generate a good feel factor, the envy of politicians and business owners.

England’s achievement to date has left us with a legacy - which is that skill, determination, hard work, continuous training and financial investment count for a lot.

It’s a legacy that business can learn from. Many businesses and their founders are already aware of the factors behind their success, but what can they do to optimise that success - or improve on it?

Behind our football team is a highly professional approach to winning, and it is one that business can emulate.

This is how:
•    Motivate staff and get them all pulling together for the good of the business
•    Train or coach staff where training or coaching is required 
•    Set objectives and targets 
•    Measure and analyse the results
 Persist with these steps until the desired results are reached or surpassed.

We’re here to help you get started with Dinamks.
With the right toolset, you don’t need a team of specialists to make it happen.  Dinamiks is such a toolset – and it’s online, too, as a cloud app – which means no software installation.
It’s proven and is available as a free trial to help you get the most out of it without immediate investment outlay.
Call  us at 01243-538835 or email

©Dinamiks July 2018

Alternative to cash..

Post Date: 05/07/2018

Online employee management systems can close performance, productivity and behaviour/attitude gaps, to free up cash through savings made and profits achieved.

With economic growth sluggish and banks reluctant to lend, small businesses have little wiggle room in which to make the financial gains needed to help overcome obstacles like these.
That is where effective employee performance management comes into the frame. It’s not just about annual appraisals, although it can augment or replace these.  It also about ensuring that all staff (i) pull in the same direction (ii) are aligned to the business and financial goals (iii) have the right skill sets and competencies for their jobs (iv] are really good at good team working and with customers (iv) are well acquainted with the company values.   
The classic reaction in large organisations, when wanting to extract extra value from the business, is to call in external consultants, who use a range of tools to map the organisation culture and then roll out a change programme.  That may involve time and motion studies to highlight where individual improvement is required, followed by training.
SMEs, even at the smallest end, have a viable option and one that gives them total control and independence for consultants – at low cost per employee.

Online employee performance management
The option for SMEs is online employee performance management, which not only improves personal and business performance but also shows where training or coaching is needed to close skills and competencies gaps.
No-one should be immune to having their performance measured and appraised. Senior managers and owners may be in charge of using the system, but they too should be active participants.
Being online, the systems do not require software or hardware installation. All that is needed is computer and internet access for all participants, who can participate inside or outside work hours.

The small business
Proportionately, small businesses can have just as much unused capacity or resources as larger ones.  Performance improvements of between 10 and 20% can be achieved, with much higher percentages realised in particularly inefficient companies.

The owner may not fully realise just what is available among staff in terms of skills, behaviours and attitudes - and just how willing employees are to help. Add to that the fact that many owners of small businesses often stretch themselves in all directions and work extra hours, and you can see how the problem takes on a more complex look.
Owners may want to change the business and may try, but not reach their goals.
Some small business owners may use basic appraisal techniques on their staff, followed by an informal or formal one-to-one chat with each employee. That approach has its merits but can become too informal and run out of pace. 
Online systems can help because they reinforce the message that change is required while giving the owners valuable and easy to use tools to achieve their aims and enable consistency of approach.

Effective systems
•    Encourage the cascading of the business goals, thereby aligning staff to those goals.
•    Promote and support the setting of effective and measurable performance objectives that adhere to industry best practices.
•    Include both performance and development plans for each individual member of staff. Personal development plans records progress against planned development targets.
•    Support the regular monitoring of progress throughout the year, via its in-built initial, mid-term and year-end review meetings.
•    Ensure visibility for owners/management through its inbuilt set of reports. 

To conclude, the bank manager may not be helpful if you want a loan, overdraft or simply better conditions, but your own staff can be if you want to explore the alternative to the bank. Even if banks start to open up, employees will still be there and most are willing to change if it helps the business they are working for in these difficult times.

©Dinamiks July 2018

What are your top 3 business priorities?

Post Date: 28/06/2018

What are your top 3 business priorities

What are your top 3 business priorities – your top goals, your top objectives?

Are all your employees effectively aligned to these priorities and are they all aware of what these priorities are?

Yes, I hear you say 
"I make sure that is the case by delegating the work and everyone knows how to do their job".
That is great, as a small business owner or manager you need to delegate to keep the business growing and for you to focus on the important aspects of your business, but are you sure you have:
•    paired the right task with the right person (ensuring that the person has the proper training to successfully finish the task)
•    set performance expectations
•    given the person the authority to make the correct decisions to complete the work required and leave feedback

Over the years we have seen changes in attitude and behaviour in the way the generations address work / life balance and the pace of change does appear to be getting ever faster.
These changes combined with progressive advances in the use of technology continue in every business and our ways of working need to change in line with them.
Our employees need to be engaged and motivated – what does that mean?

As a business owner or manager, you know what has to be done, how and when, but you cannot do everything on your own.
You require a road map from start to end of your business, its processes, and what skills and capabilities are required to complete those processes. This is a description of that job with required skills and competencies and levels of capability.
Keeping up-to-date, accurate job descriptions is essential for several reasons, one of which is the need to attract and hire new talent with the appropriate skill sets.

Once onboard every employee needs to know and understand how their role fits within the business and they have a development plan as required. Communication is a continuous process and everyone is different – current generations of workers are looking for more regular feedback through face-to-face contact as well as technology means.

Key to engaged and motivated employees is having: -
•    A clear set of business goals and vision clearly communicated to every employee
•    Clear definition of what is expected of them
•    Active involvement with regular feedback in a timely manner
•    The work environment is enjoyable

©Dinamiks July 2018

Love or Hate appraisals...

Post Date: 12/06/2018

Love or hate appraisals

Why have an appraisal?
As human beings, we like order and a structure in our lives, we like to know what we are doing, how and why – and how well we are doing it.
It’s the same in business - structure and order is a business plan. Goals, Objectives, and Management Accounts show how the business is doing against the business plan.

You - as manager or owner - capture details of your products and services to know which are most beneficial to the bottom line and identify those that are not. You can then review, modify or stop delivering them.

Why not do something similar with your employees? They are the engine that delivers your business goals and they need to know what those goals are and have the skills to achieve them. They need to know how well they are doing, how their role fits in and why.

Appraisals provide a communication forum for employees and managers alike, allowing continual feedback and discussion to address any development concerns, and make changes to processes as the business evolves and moves forward. Everybody is kept engaged and informed.
Look at the appraisal, not as a “talking at” platform, but a way to take time out to think about the tasks an employee is carrying out:

  • Are the tasks still relevant to the business?
  • What can be done to make employees more engaged and motivated?

The employees may well have some good ideas and should be listened to. After all, it’s they who are carrying out the tasks.
An appraisal is very much a forum for continuous discussion and feedback between employee and their manager.
The outcomes are always positive, even if they are not what you want to hear because they confirm the employee and business is on the right track - or provides the detail for an action plan, with targets, if it’s not.
The outcomes (benefits) of having appraisals are:

  • Improved relationship between employees and managers
  • Plan for corrective action where processes may not be as robust as originally thought
  • A development plan for an employee as required
  • A more engaged and valued employee
  • Pathway to increased productivity
  • A better-skilled workforce

An appraisal is just like the book of accounts where you have a monthly start and end position to show changes in revenue and bottom line profit and an alert to highlight unpredicted variances.

©Dinamiks July 2018

8 Steps to get staff involved

Post Date: 07/06/2018

8 Steps to get staff involved

Read more..

Greater Employee Engagement

Post Date: 22/11/2017

2017 Offer for Dinamiks


I know from speaking with other business owners that virtually all of them are concerned about getting and retaining skilled and engaged employees, and this is made more pressing through our uncertainty of retaining EU nationals after 29 March 2019.

We are already seeing mixed messages in the press about the EU worker numbers - have they increased or is there a reduction? 
Now is the time to put in place a solution that will:

  • improve your employee engagement
  • deliver greater workplace performance
  • increase productivity and
  • make more profit

Until 15th December 2017 you can have all this, forever, for just £1.50 per month per employee!

Why have Appraisals

Post Date: 06/04/2017

Keeping Connected

As human beings, we like to have order and a structure in our lives, we like to know what we are doing, how and why – and how well we are doing it.
The same in business – structure and order is a business plan, with goals, objectives and management accounts to know how well the business is doing. We capture details of our products and services to know which are most beneficial to the bottom line and where those are not so beneficial, we review, modify or stop delivering them.
Why not do something similar with your employees? Your employees are the engine to deliver the business goals and they need to know what these goals are and have the skills to achieve them. Continue

What a fantastic result for Team GB at the 2016 Rio Olympics!!

Post Date: 26/08/2016

Team GB - 2nd to the USA with more medals than ever before for an away Olympics - an impressive 67 medals!

Questions were asked how Team GB could do so well at these Olympics when their results leading up to the Olympics were not as good?

Yes – financial investment from Lottery Funding a key factor, but most important of all is the commitment and dedication of all the individuals to achieve their goals. They had a programme of progressive objectives with continuing development plans.

Now – what would a plan like this do for your business and employees?

What about your employees – what is in place to support and develop them?

  • Are all your employees aware of and know what the business goals are?
  • Do they know how their role and their objectives support those goals?
  • Have they the right skills at the required levels of competence to achieve their objectives?
  • Is there a continuous feedback process in place?

If you hesitated over any one of these questions, then you need Dinamiks!
Dinamiks is all about making a business:

  • More productive
  • More focused on its goals, and ultimately more profitable
  • It centralises communication – everything in one place

What does this mean for me?

  • Business goals visible all the time and each person knows how they contribute
  • Raise the levels of competencies of your employees
  • Employees more engaged and motivated – greater creativity achieved
  • Focus on performance and development targets

Head on over to our website to see how Dinamiks can REALLY BOOST your business.

Here you can also create your own 30-day free trial at no cost, no obligation with no payment details required – see for yourself how Dinamiks really can help to INCREASE PROFITS
As a bonus feature – you will also benefit from the Absence Management module.

Start your 30-day trial now and begin the journey to a more engaged team and a more productive business!

If you have any questions, please give me a call on 01243 538835 and I will be happy to help.

Simon Barnes
Head of wellbeing for your business

Prepare to have your mind blown...

Post Date: 28/07/2016

I found an article on BuzzFeed on 27th July 2016 ... and it BLEW MY MIND! 

It's all about how the map of the world that we all know and love is incredibly misleading. It turns out, it's essentially wrong!

Because the world is round and the map is flat, in order to make everything fit properly, the further away from the equator the country, the larger it looks on the map.

So it turns out that Australia is actually the same size as the US, Canada is way smaller than we thought and Antarctica (that massive white land mass that takes up the entire bottom of the map) is actually just a little bigger than Brazil! 

It's definitely worth a look if you haven’t seen it already. 

Check it out here and let me know if your mind's been blown too!

Uncertain about the future – you need not be! Consider these steps and take them on board

Post Date: 08/07/2016

Have you got Clarity on where you are going?

If you can clearly see where you want to go, where you want to be, then progress comes down to action.

Decide on a course of action and Plan – will help focus and ease worry

Action planning is a process to help you focus your thoughts and decide on the steps to take to achieve your goals

  • Where am I now
  • Where do I want to be
  • How do I get there – in small steps
  • Taking action
  • Revisit where am I now

Take charge and do what is right – take action now

Take responsibility to gain control your actions are important for you and your business – you must feel and think that you actually deserve what you want – taking responsibility is doing the right thing.

Think about your customer and make your customer journey memorable

Customer experience is KING!

Customers have outcomes to fulfil and they have experiences as to how those outcomes are fulfilled. Customer experience is how you make them feel and is based on your actions versus their expectations.

Improve upon your marketing system to do the work once

Understanding and knowing your target market is key for your marketing system. You will use it to communicate the benefits of your business offering to your target market.

Whatever you do, keep it simple and work within your budget and capability – take small steps to see what works and make any adjustments required to maintain its success

Work with those who boost your energy and not those who rob you of your energy

We are in a period of uncertainty and change and there will be a lot of people who are feeling very down and upset. Whilst you may be in a positive frame of mind as you have made a decision and created an action plan to move on, you could find yourself being dragged down by another’s view on life. You have a choice on how to handle these situations – either avoid them or consciously change the other person’s state so that they do not rob you of your energy. Both options are not easy and will require discipline on your part.

How does the market perceive you - what are you known for that is unique to you

You must take control of your message, otherwise potential customers will form impressions of you as defined by someone else.

Know what your key messages are and communicate them often and simply. Spend some time working on this – what is unique about you and your business

Are you prepared to do the hard work that makes the selling easy?

Selling is something that does not come naturally to a lot of people, but it is essential to the life blood of a business. Why is it considered to be hard work – probably as it is doing the work we do not like to do.

I struggle with this side of business and have to prepare myself mentally, take the steps of conversations to secure meetings to gain sales. I must confess that the buzz of securing a sale far outweighs all the hard work of the journey to get there and each little step builds for the next one.

Entrepreneur's Circle National Event - July 2016

Post Date: 29/06/2016

Dinamiks to attend the Entrepreneur's Circle National Event - 4 July 2016 at the NEC Birmingham.

An enlightening day following the EU Referendum result.

Looking forward to meeting up with other members.

Awesome Oaks Team successfully Complete London Marathon

Post Date: 28/04/2016

Dinamiks congratulates the Awesome Oaks Marathon team (Yvonne, Catherine and Sarah) on successfuly completing the London marathon and exceeding their Goal

How to motivate and engage your staff

Post Date: 18/04/2016

Staff don't care?

Research has shown that there is a link between positive employee/employer relationships for profit, customer satisfaction and innovation in the workplace. On the flip side, disengaged employees present huge risks. The obvious being loss of productivity which could disenchant your best people who may leave and then you face resistance for organisational changes if the disengaged employees are not on board. Without positive employee/employer relationships, customer service and innovation are threatened and disengaged employees unlikely to work for the good of the company.

How to motivate and engage your staff

Performance Management on Share Radio..

Post Date: 01/04/2016

Share Radio Interview

Listen to Shirley Barnes being interviewed by Nick Peters on Share Radio as part of his Shop Floor programme on Sunday 3rd April 2016 at 11am. Shirley will be chatting to Nick about the history of Dinamiks and how it drives Performance Management in the work place.

Share Radio can be heard on digital radio (DAB) or via the ‘Listen Live’ feature on its website

The broadcast is repeated at 20:00 Sunday evening in case you miss it in the morning. Failing all that, you will be able to listen via catch-up here.

Dinamiks Supports Awesome Oaks Marathon team

Post Date: 10/03/2016

St Wilfred’s Hospice

Dinamiks is excited to support three very innovative staff at Oakwood School in Chichester who are running the London Marathon on 24th April 2016.

The Awesome Oaks Team

It would be great if you could support them, give them a boost, as they help raise money for our wonderful hospice St Wilfred’s in Chichester.

Concessions are available for registered charities – send your request at