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What our customers say

Enables Us To Be An Outstanding Bank!

“Dinamiks is a step change, and that allows Jordan International Bank to concentrate more on our business while enabling us to meet our objective of being an outstanding bank in every respect.”

- Mort Mirghavameddin, CEOJordan International Bank [London]
Jordan International Bank

Optimises Our Employees' Market Research Skills

“Dinamiks is key to optimising our employees’ market research skills... through highlighting any gaps, which we then address.”

- Sarina Masson, Managing DirectorMedex Research
Medex Research

Other Solutions Didn't Come Close!

“Other solutions didn’t come close to Dinamiks’ capabilities and ease of use.”

– Peter Cox, DirectorCommunity Solutions
Community Solutions

Highlight areas for personal development and training

“Dinamiks doesn’t just focus on the ‘what are you going to get done during your employment with us,’ but also gives staff the chance to highlight areas for personal development and training, which is important to us as a company”

- Mark Pilkington, DirectorInteriors Group
Interiors Group

Plan Our Human Resources Better In Real Time

“What Dinamiks does is allow Options 2, in real time, to plan our human resources better and optimise our use of them.”

- Jayne Wise, Managing DirectorOptions 2
Options 2